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NEW IN: Tattoo Collector Brooch

October 21, 2022 - Alice Barnes
NEW IN: Tattoo Collector Brooch

Roll up, roll up! Introducing our next act... the limited edition Tattoo Collector Brooch! With nods to vintage circus performers and nods to the art of traditional tattooing, this is the piece for any regular in the tattoo studio or those daydreamers who just can’t commit ink to the skin - let your jewellery do the talking. 

What do ya 'ink of this exclusive jewellery piece? Part of a numbered edition of just 50 - it’s time to flex those fingers and pre-order yours while you can! That’s right, we’re sticking to our Sustainability Statement and hand making this brooch in small batches.


From full-on sleeves to delicate drawings and fancy flash art, we’ve recreated a witty weight-lifting arm in layers of pearly acrylic. Did you know? Our Tattoo Collector Brooch is inspired by Co-Founder and Creative Director, Harriet’s, jaunts through the Marché aux Puces in Paris - a magpie for any curios, this lamp was immediately jotted down in her sketchbook!

No needles necessary, our team of expert makers have etched and hand-inked traditional tattoo designs in a pop-art rainbow palette across this eye-catching bicep. With classic tattoo motifs from swallows to shamrocks: each fancy flash art is full of meaning. Tattoo lovers, this way! Join us as we deep dive into the details of this limited edition piece…

Jewellery wearing jewellery? Our speciality! Adorning the wrist of this winter’s must-have accessory is an identity bracelet, just like one gifted to Harriet by her parents on her 21st birthday. This is a present packed with a hell of a story: sitting next to a Dolce & Gabbana knock-off (it was the nineties!) on Harriet’s bedside table, her fave piece of jewellery survived the burglary of her East London pad - the same can’t be said for the D&G!

Featuring two heart motifs, a symbol seen through all the years of Tatty Devine - we LOVE love! Wrapped up in a banner, this bright red emblem is throwing it back to the knitted and wooden tattoos of 2004. We had to throw homage to crafting somewhere: this was the same year Harriet chatted about the ‘Crochet Revival’ on BBC’s Woman's hour. Listen here.


Indie sleaze is back?! Rock on. Keeping in 2004, we’re throwing it back to the first time we saw our classic swallow design. From the time we were obsessed with indie bands, Amy Winehouse and tattoos, which were still relatively unusual and alternative back then, Co-Founder Rosie’s flatmate had found a flash book of Sailor Jerry’s drawings. Inspiration struck and we designed a pair of traditional swallow tattoo brooches - for those who couldn’t commit to the real thing. 


Amy Winehouse’s iconic tattoos: did you see our collaboration with Fred Perry and the Amy Winehouse Foundation? We took inspiration from her lightning bolt tattoo!


With “Make Your Own Luck” a true Tatty Devine motto, we embellished our Tattoo Collector Brooch with a sprinkling of superstition. From a four-leaf clover inspired by Rosie’s lucky streak - she has found many throughout the years, to upright horseshoes and while we’re on this lucky roll - our dice adds up to 7!


As well as its association with luck, our horseshoe tattoo harks back to 2010’s The Age of the Blazing Trails. A jewellery collection inspired by an obsession with equestrian chic and female trailblazers, we saw homages to Emelia Earhart, studded horseshoes and cowboy boots, sparkling fireworks all the way to Gingham Neckerchief Necklaces - yeehaw!

All aboard, we are at the last stop of our tattoo tour - the anchor. With Rosie from the sunny Isle of Wight and Harriet spending days on her dad's boat by the sea, you’ll find odes to the ocean consistently through our archive!


One for the OG Tatty Devine fans, remember our pocket chain anchors? Our obsession with the sea came to life with these maritime motifs suspended from rope made by real sailmakers! Around ‘06, somebody even got our anchor tattooed on them… now that’s true love, right there.


There’s nothing scarier than FOMO: pre-order this witty weight-lifting arm by Midnight on Monday 31st October. Part of a numbered edition of 50, once it’s gone, it’s gone! 


Got a Tatty Devine inspired tattoo? Flex your muscles and DM us a snap here, we can’t wait to see your Tatty flash! Head to Instagram!

Alice Barnes