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SS19 is HERE

February 01, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard
SS19 is HERE

Bat your eyelashes and serve serious sass in our NEW kitsch, cheeky and high collectable collection: Flamingo-A-Go-Go.



We’ve taken inspiration from John Waters films, misfits, much maligned interior icons (can you say Flying Ducks?) and added a Tatty Devine twist, cha cha heels optional!



Flock towards the elegant Palm Springs Flamingo Statement Necklace and Brooch, laser cut in shimmering pearlescent pink and coral acrylic, studded by hand in our Kent studio with glistening Swarovski crystal eyes…



Make waves in the Flamingo Feather Earrings and Flamingo Feather Necklace, laser cut from a palette of soft, sparkling pink acrylic and hand linked to create trails of fabulous feathers.



Peer past ornamental Flamingos to discover our pick of the pond: the delicately curved Floating Lotus Statement Necklace, laser cut from an ombre of pearlescent pastel acrylic and hand pinned together to recreate a fragrant lotus flower in bloom. Searching for somethin’ more subtle? How about the Floating Lotus Necklace?



Phew, beat the hazy heat by stepping into the shade and relaxing amongst classically kitsch ornaments: a trio of mallards are recreated in silhouette as the pearlescent Flying Ducks Necklace.



In the mood for a little mid-century styling? Adorn yourself in abstract squares of mirror and glitter bronze acrylic collide in the Modernist Statement Necklace, Modernist Necklace and Modernist Earrings.



Ornate vintage lacquer detailing is painstakingly recreated in the Black Bamboo Statement Necklace and Black Bamboo Earrings, hand inked and pinned together to create shimmying branches and glossy stalks.




Slink over to your home bar and fix yourself a little refreshment, Bronze Palm Tree Earrings swinging. Opt for excess in the matching Bronze Palm Tree Pendant and glossy Bronze Palm Tree Necklace, complete with hand curved matt gold coconuts. Pina colada, please!





Yawn! Sound off in the Big Mouth Statement Necklace and Big Mouth Bracelet, recreating a pair of cherry red lips and bright white teeth. Put your money where your mouth is with these avant-garde designs, exclusive to Tatty Devine.



Channel femme fatales of lore in our laser cut, hand moulded and pinned glossy scarlet and gold glitter acrylic Le Rouge Lipstick Necklace and Le Rouge Lipstick Brooch, designed and handmade in our Kent studio.




Watches Pink Flamingos *once*... Channel the iconic diva and trash queen herself, Divine, in the laser cut and layered Devine Eyes Necklace and level up in the Scarlet Eyes Necklace, a nod to Harriet’s favourite 80’s film, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains.




Faster, Pop Leopard Head Necklace! Kill! Kill! We’ve recreated a snarling pop art leopard print in glossy layers of laser cut acrylic, accentuated with sparkling Swarovski crystals and a chunky gold-tone chain. Best paired with the party-perfect Pop Leopard Paw Earrings or Pop Leopard Print Necklace, take your pick from two colourways: bold yellow or sassy pink



We’re here to kick ass and chew bubblegum… let’s get sassy with the Chewing Gum Brooch, laser-cut, etched and hand curved to recreated a stick of gum, complete with a mirror silver acrylic wrapper. Yum!




Enter the Ornate Realism Statement Necklace. Taking reference from the kitsch and highly coveted Trechikoff painting, ‘The Green Lady,’ we’ve brought this delicately detailed piece to life in micro glitter, marbled and micro glitter acrylic to turn its wearer into a work of art.



Chances of falling for the mysterious and magical hand curved Eight-ball Necklace and Eight-ball Ring? All signs point to yes!



What are you waiting for? Pat your beehive, slip on some shades and shop Flamingo-A-Go-Go online and in store right here, right now.