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Tatty Collectors: Suzanne!

September 13, 2022 - Alice Barnes
Tatty Collectors: Suzanne!

Ooohhh, we’re back… It’s been a while since we’ve taken a deep dive into your drawers! While celebrating our NEW AW22 collection, Cabinet of Curiosities, we were stopped in our scrolling tracks at the sight of Suzanne’s (or as you may know her @suzorthemighty’s) very own curious cabinet and we just had to know more. Wannabe curators, walk this way and set yourself up for a tale of fate, as we discover Suzanne’s Tatty Devine treats. First stop: 2007!



When and how did you discover Tatty Devine?

Around 2005/6, when I met my amazing friend, Lenny, who introduced me to good places to shop online. Dundee wasn’t (and still isn’t!) great for shopping, so we’d buy stuff from indie places like Lazy Oaf, Heidi Seeker, and Lady Luck Rules OK. I think the first collection I bought from was the Dark Stages in A/W 2007, which makes me feel old! 


Throwing it back to The Dark Stages in our Misshapes book!


How many pieces are in your collection currently?

Somewhere around 115-120 pieces - and growing... 



Suz in her Pop Leopard Link Necklace from SS19’s John Waters-inspired Flamingo-a-go-go


What is it about Tatty Devine jewellery that appeals to you so much?

When I was younger, Tatty Devine jewellery was a way of expressing myself because I didn't always have the confidence to do it through my clothes. Nowadays, I generally wear what I like, but wearing Tatty Devine jewellery elevates my outfits and adds something a bit different. Plus, it's always a good talking point! 


Is there anything else you collect?

Good question! Mugs from places my husband and I have been on holiday, different editions of my favourite books, and weird and wonderful natural history specimens and fossils.  



Where did you find your cabinet? We want one for ourselves!

I was really lucky - some pals gave it to me! It was originally used by DC Thomson, a newspaper + comics publisher that was one of Dundee’s main industries back in the day, so it’s a fab piece of local history. Plus, two drawers still have original labels - one says ‘Bank Street’, which is where I used to live, so it feels like fate that it ended up with me! 



Suz serving a striking look in our Bolt Earrings in Silver Glitter.


Organising your collection, is there any method to the madness? How did you arrange your jewellery?

I’m a trained museum Curator, so you’d think there would be a system, but no! The smaller pieces are in the top drawer, but the rest is led by how well the boxes fit! That said, I’m guilty of wearing some pieces more often than others, so I’ve purposefully spread those throughout. My thinking is that if I go looking for one of my usuals, another may catch my eye instead. It’s working so far, but I expect I'll reorganise it at some point. 




First piece: My green ‘Suzor’ name necklace, which was a gift. My first purchase was the Rabbit in Hat necklace.


Favourite piece: It changes regularly, but it's currently the Sky Lab Astronomy Necklace. (Pssst…. See how we made it here)


Most recent purchase: The luscious Prayer Plant Statement Necklace. Green and pink is my favourite colour combination, so that one was right up my street!



Suz’s fave piece? AW13’s Sky Lab Necklace


Wishlist piece: A large green marbled and glitter parakeet from this year’s sample sale, the large pretzel necklace or the hothouse leaves necklace. 


Dream big here, if you could ask us to make anything, what would it be: A range of colourful spectacles and more homewares, perhaps with things like wallpaper or patterned mix + match tiles. Failing that, a custom statement necklace of my dog, Samwise Gamgee.



Imagine! a completely Tatty Devine-themed house - time to get to work… Thanks for chatting with us Suzanne, there are definitely some pieces we wish we had!

Wanna get involved? Head to Instagram and share your collection using the hashtag #MyTattyDevine. Shop our Cabinet of Curiosities collection online and in-store NOW!

Alice Barnes