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Tatty Devine X Miss Pompom - 2020 collection

September 28, 2020 - Alice Barnes
Tatty Devine X Miss Pompom - 2020 collection
Say hello to the must-have winter accessory of the year! The Tatty Devine X Miss Pompom Rainbow Scarf is finally here and we are over the moon to be able to tell you all about it! Miss Pompom is a Brixton-based independent womenswear and accessories brand founded in 2013. They are all about vibrant colours and modern, geometric patterns which lent themselves as the perfect candidates for a collaboration with Tatty Devine.

Tatty Devine X Miss Pompom

We spoke to Miss Pompom's Brand Manager Poppy, to hear all about why scarves and where it all begins...

Where does the design process begin?
We always start with the yarn colour card and think about the combinations we want to use for the season.  Usually, the brighter the better but always very graphic bold shapes. 

What is it about your scarfs that you love so much?
Our scarves are big and bold and the thickness of the knit makes them really cosy and warm.  They are all statement pieces – we don’t do boring.  Because they’re not wool they won’t itch with the added bonus that they can be thrown in the washing machine on a normal cycle.

How did you pick which Tatty piece to turn into the ultimate winter accessory?
Rainbows are a symbol of hope and sunshine after a rain.  The rainbow has been an icon that Tatty Devine has used for many years and also a symbol of unity in our year of the pandemic.  We had already designed the scarf before the pandemic hit but it seems fortuitous that it’s our collab scarf for 2020.  We know it’s going to be a hit.

Rainbow Scarf Tatty Devine Miss Pompom
How are you styling the Tatty Devine X Miss Pompom Rainbow scarf?
Since it’s such a stand out piece we’re either styling it up with plain black top-to-toe or rocking it with colour-block.  Our plain coloured wool hats match perfectly when the chill hits.
Are you working on any other exciting projects?
We’ve also done a collab this year with our local craft brewery Canopy Beer.  Their amazing graphics have lent themselves perfectly to one of our fun scarves – watch this space!

Amazing, thanks Poppy! We can't wait to be wrapped up and cosy this winter in our Rainbow Scarf.
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