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Tatty Devine X Rachel Maclean

March 27, 2023 - Alice Barnes
Tatty Devine X Rachel Maclean

A mutual love of statement accessories and the go-to British art jewellers, yours truly, has brought to life our latest artist collaboration. Ahead of the Scottish artist's brand-new ambitious solo show If it looks like a duck… at Kunstpalais Erlangen in Germany, Rachel Maclean and gallery director, Amely Deiss birthed the idea of a Rachel Maclean jewellery collection. Fast forward a few months, three-way video calls and one trip to Edinburgh later… and we’re very proud to present: Tatty Devine X Rachel Maclean.

Dubbed one of Scotland’s most exciting artists by The Scotsman, the hyper-real nature and glossy veneer of Rachel Maclean’s work is the perfect companion to our signature laser-cut acrylic jewellery: turning iconic motifs into wearable pieces of art. Inspired by the saccharine sweet colour-pop palette of Maclean’s upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop installation at Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh, we took to this incredible but freezing location to photograph Maclean in each piece of Tatty Devine X Rachel Maclean.

The ultimate dopamine-dressing accessories? Tatty Devine X Rachel Maclean is your one-stop shop. First stop: blur the line between fairytale and reality with glossy mirror pieces: the MIMI ꓶꓶOꓷ Necklace and MIRROR ЯOЯЯIM Necklace.  “Mirror, mirror in my hand, who's the cutest in the land?”... Spoiler alert, it’s you! 

The ultimate conversation starter: our I'M FINE ƎW ƎꓥⱯS Brooch is two pins in one, a knowing nod to the upside-down world of Mimi and a transformative ambigram for any occasion. 

Being able to channel Rachel Maclean's references to pop-cultural and social contexts through jewellery has been an exciting process. We love the results and can't wait to wear it all!” - Rosie Wolfenden MBE

Calling all unicoders, consider our larger-than-life emoji jewellery a life hack! Happy? Sad? A little bit in between? Reach for our digitally printed emotive cartoon faces - yes, mismatched earrings are the must-have accessory! Ready to fall in love? Take your pick from sparkling heart emoji jewellery: laser cut in the go-to colour-blocking combo, pink and yellow to create heartbreaking statements, mismatched earrings and topsy-turvy emoticons. Keep it kawaii and look out for our doll-eye-inspired ring, necklace and brooch - all made with recycled acrylic!

On the set of our photoshoot, under the light of Maclean’s ‘upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop’ installation at Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh, we sat down with the Scottish artist to talk all things Tatty Devine X Rachel Maclean…

TD: Hey Rachel, we’re so excited to shoot you in the collection today especially alongside the inspiration for this collab! How does it feel to see your designs translated into wearable art?

RM: Oh, it’s so exciting! I totally love it, I’ve always had a dream to make some jewellery so it’s really brilliant.

TD: We love a dream come true! How did you discover Tatty Devine?

RM: I first discovered Tatty Devine really early on in art college. I love your work because I’d always see classic fine jewellery, like silversmithing and that approach, but Tatty Devine was so fun, so out there and so authentic. I find it really inspiring, so it’s really exciting to be working with you!

TD: There are so many exciting pieces to choose from in Tatty Devine X Rachel Maclean - sparkling hearts to emoji faces, but if we were to choose we’d pick MIMI ꓶꓶOꓷ Necklace as our standout! For people who haven’t seen your work before or just need a little refresh, who is Mimi?

RM: Mimi is a character that I’ve invented, who is a person of two halves. On one side, she is a young Mimi and then you flip her skirt and invert it and she is an old Mimi on the other side. She exists as an animation, as a doll and now as a jewellery piece.

TD: It must be so exciting to see your first animated heroine take on such different forms. What is your go-to piece from the collection?

RM: I love everything so much and I’m so excited to wear it all but I think my fave is the SAD AXE Necklace. A lot of my work has this soft cuteness but then this sinister angle on it and I feel this piece really captures it. 

TD: It feels like the weather today really encapsulates the dual-sided vibe of the collection too: snow clouds are coming but the sun is just peaking through! Shall we end this chat on a light note: What’s your go-to studio snack?

RM: Haha! Recently, I’ve been eating a lot of party rings, I’d kind of forgotten I loved them. Yeah, I like a party ring.


Shop the full fifteen-piece collection online here, in our Covent Garden store, and at Kunstpalais Erlangen in Germany alongside Rachel Maclean’s new exhibition If it looks like a duck…, complete with deep fakes of Sean Connery and Marilyn Monroe! 

Alice Barnes