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Think Strange Things

Think Strange Things

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Showing 1-12 of 12 products

Think Strange Things

A bewitching fusion of dark tales and Gothic elegance, indulge in the enchantment of Tatty Devine’s Halloween jewellery collection, Think Strange Things. Alive with literary odes to iconic spooky season motifs, turn the page on Halloween accessories handmade with love in the UK.

Make a statement in eerie odes to Whitby Abbey with go-to jewellery for any history buff. From monochromatic ancient ruins reimagined as necklaces and swooping recycled bat jewellery to glossy Whitby Jet-inspired cameos etched with prose from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Keep it creepy and cultural with homages to horror: from Dracula-inspired book brooches, blood-splattered vampire teeth necklaces and sing along with Bela Lugosi’s Dead scrolls, etched and hand-inked with lyrics to Bauhaus’ 1982 bop.

Hauntingly captivating statement floral jewellery? Look no further than our Belladonna Flower jewellery sets. Fit for any black and white movie, poisonous Deadly Nightshade petals make an elegant nod to Halloween accessorising.

Whether you’re serving full-on spooks, on the hunt for Halloween hair accessories, or just a little bit goth… Take your pick from classic Halloween symbols with glow-in-the-dark ghost jewellery to shimmering Purple Jewel Beetle Necklaces and glittering Bone Hair Clips, available to shop online now.