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AW14 Seance Hands: is there anybody there?

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
AW14 Seance Hands: is there anybody there?
Discover the latest chapter of our mystical new Autumn Winter collection. Inspired by Victorian seances and the mystic art of palm reading, outstretched palms are recreated in marbled pearl and glossy black Perspex to create eerie new jewellery. It isn't the first time hands have playing a starring role in a seasonal collection. There are certain motifs that we just can't resist returning to... and hands are one of them! Join us as we explore fifteen years of Tatty Devine jewellery to revisit iconic and lesser known pieces inspired by humble hands. Keep your checklist at the ready - how many do you own in your collection? Let's head all the way back to our Spring Summer 2004 collection. The Jeanette Lady Brooch was part of a series of three chic ladies and made a serious style statement with her retro spectacles and perfectly manicured nails. Did we predict this season's fortune telling theme all the way back in Autumn Winter 2004? We think so! This mystic Palm Brooch was intricately laser etched and hand inked in our London studio, ready for a psychic to divine your future.     Rockabilly babes were the key inspiration behind our Love and Hate Fist Brooches. Part of our Spring Summer 2007 collection, each clenched fist was laser cut in leather to form tough but cute accessories.    
Rosie and Harriet also captured the skilful hand of an artist mid-sketch as a playful pendant in glossy white Perspex with 3D overlaid details in the same collection.         "Abracadabra!" Sleight of hand and stage magicians inspired our Autumn Winter 2007 collection. Gloved hands waved magic wands and performed spectacular card tricks in monochrome Perspex (with showers of glitter stars!)
Rosie and Harriet looked to super stylish pop stars in the Spring Summer 2010 collection. Outstretched hands took centre stage in glitter Perspex, whilst gleaming crystal gems added a hint of wonder.
Time for an encore! Each hand was carefully embellished by our jewellery making experts with gold, bronze and amber Swarovski crystals to create an ombre effect.
In Spring Summer 2012, we celebrated transforming found objects into precious pieces and memories to treasure forever. The Junk Memory jewellery transformed classic Tatty Devine symbols into charms, including a cream Perspex hand to symbolise hard work.
We even recreated feminist icon Frida Kahlo as a statement necklace, complete with her signature hand earring!
Powerful goddesses were a key inspiration for our Spring Summer 2013 collection. Elegant arms in cobalt blue Perspex were adorned with golden jump ring bangles and ruby red crystal beads.
Welcome back to the present! The latest chapter of our Autumn Winter 2014 collection was born from a fascination with ethereal experiences:
Fortune Teller Necklace, £50
Join us as we draw back the veil to the other world with new Seance and Palmistry Hands:
Seance Hands Statement Necklace, £165
Seance Hands Link Necklace, £95
Seance Hands Bracelet, £55
Palmistry Link Necklace, £95
Palmistry Bracelet, £55
Enchanted? Discover the full Autumn Winter 2014 collection in store and online now.