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AW23: From sketch book to reality

August 30, 2023 - Alice Barnes
AW23: From sketch book to reality

Join us on a magical journey from sketchbook to your jewellery collection: explore the craftsmanship behind our limited edition collection, Enchanted Folk. This AW23, we’ve transformed infamous tarot decks and wonders of witchcraft into wearable works of art, discover the ingredients to a spell-binding limited edition collection with us here…

“How DOES she brew it!” Inspired by our Co-Founder, Harriet’s penchant for psychic phenomena, gather round the kettle to observe her as she puts the divine into divination with our Tasseography Cup Necklace.

Starting life as pencil illustrations, this laser cut ode to the occult is given a Tatty Devine spin - literally, this carefully hand-pinned power piece of creamy acrylic masquerading as porcelain spins as spirits send their message. From all-seeing eyes and enlightening candles, traditional symbols are accompanied by laser-etched and hand-inked Tatty Devine motifs including swooping swallows and charming anchors. Can you spot more?

Adorned with hand-inked iconography, it’s time for our Tasseography Cup Necklace to take its mesmerising 3D form. Each cryptic cup and saucer is heated and carefully curved in custom moulds: once the perfect bend is achieved, it’s straight to the water bath for a cool-off! Watch the process below and stir up answers to all-important questions, like yes, your jewellery collection is missing this mystic statement necklace.

 Nature meets knowledge in our Autumn Flower Spell Necklace: a homage to historical women’s knowledge and understanding of the potent nature of plants, we’re harnessing jewellery-making magic to align movement, 3-D blooms, and intricate decals. Now, for this piece of covetable art jewellery, we first sampled our now glistening florals in monochrome acrylic to ensure those tactile seed heads spin seamlessly in winter winds.

Designed with love in London and meticulously handcrafted in Kent, our homage to the nine sacred herbs prominent in pagan ritual consists of 37 separate pieces of acrylic. Overflowing with delicate details, 35 of these individual pieces are etched and hand-inked with organic adornments, from subtle seed pods and purple sage leaves to sacred geometry and protective witch marks. Heads up, healers: we’ve already sold half the limited edition run for this autumn/winter statement collectable, pre-order NOW to serve magical looks forevermore.

I really wanted the colour in the fire to feel like real magic” - Harriet Vine, MBE

Inspired by the mystical powder used by our Co-Founder, Harriet, to enchant her very own campfires, our Witches Cauldron Necklace is a real-life spectacle. Appearing almost hot to the touch, our cauldron is alive with hand-inked flames in beguiling gradients from acid green to deep purple, while glitter-flecked clouds billow along a gold-plated chain.

More than just totally fire statement jewellery: this ode to the elements is inspired by medieval woodcut illustrations of witch-finders and is complete with golden ‘magical gibberish’ also known as runic formula inspired by the covetable Bramham Moor Rings discovered in the 18th century.

Prowling from our Kent jewellery-making studio to stunning locations on the Isle of Wight: join us behind-the-scenes on our folklore-inspired AW23 photoshoot where our enchanting cat jewellery’s hand-curved emerald eyes came alive in the winter sun. 

Shop Enchanted Folk online and in our Central London store now. In the mood for magic? Take a peek at our AW23 trailer now…

Alice Barnes