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HOW TO: Make an Iced Coffee with Elysia

July 27, 2022 - Alice Barnes
HOW TO: Make an Iced Coffee with Elysia

Helloooo heatwave… We’re feeling hotter than our Sun Lover Necklace so we’ve called in Team Tatty’s Icey Drink Expert also known as our Store Supervisor, Elysia, to help us cool down! 

Time to grab the ingredients you’ll need for Elysia’s Iced Coffee Recipe! Here’s what you’ll need:

1 tbsp instant coffee 

1 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp freshly boiled water 



Best served with Moon Jellyfish Earrings, now you’ve got your ingredients, let’s get making. Over to Elysia for the recipe…

Pop your ice in a glass - give it a good handful!

Pour over your choice of milk. Normally I’d go for oat but today I switched things up.

It's boiling! Reach for our Teapot Necklace.

Grab a bowl and add coffee, sugar and a splash of freshly boiled water.

Workout time! Whisk until your mixture becomes light and fluffy - you want the colour to resemble honeycomb.

Pour your coffee mixture over the milk and stir.

Make the most of the sun and give your Iced Coffee that holiday twist with an umbrella and straw, just like our Piña Colada Necklace. This step is optional but totally recommended!

Taste test score: 10/10, cheers to that! Head to TikTok to make yours alongside Elysia...

Alice Barnes