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Meet Katrina - Advisory Panel member for Young Women’s Trust

January 15, 2021 - Alice Barnes
Meet Katrina - Advisory Panel member for Young Women’s Trust

We're excited to introduce you to yet another amazing Advisory Panel member for Young Women's Trust.  Please meet Katrina (she/her), who used their fabulous 'Work It Out' coaching and CV feedback service. These are such incredible services that Young Women's Trust offer, especially during the current climate where people find themselves unemployed or struggling to find work due to COVID-19. If you're experiencing this, you too can contact Young Women's Trust, just head on over to their website here to find out more.

Katrina Young Women's Trust

How have you been involved with Young Women’s Trust so far?

I first became involved with Young Women’s Trust in November 2019 when I attended a Public Speaking Workshop. A few months later, I completed the Media Training which gave me both the skills and confidence in how to speak to journalists. Shortly after this event, I interviewed with a journalist and the article was published on the ITV news website.

I lost my job due to Covid-19 and Young Women’s Trust directly supported me by giving me money for necessities from the Emergency Fund. They also asked me to write a blog for the Institute of Employment Studies about how my work-life has been affected by Covid-19

In August, I did my first public speaking event where I spoke to the Women's Network at the Royal Bank of Scotland about what banks can do to promote the financial inclusion of young women. I also took part in the “No Young Women Left Behind Campaign” and had the privilege of featuring in the social media video.

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I have also utilised the Work It Out coaching service. I was quite anxious before starting my new job about forming new work relationships and also having to learn a new computer system. A lovely coach got me to do some useful exercises which helped me to feel more prepared and less nervous.

One of my highlights of last year was attending a Young Women’s Trust webinar on “Smashing Career Stereotypes” because I was able to hear an inspirational experience from a working single-parent which encouraged me.

Wow, you've been very busy in the face of adversity - I'm sure you'll be inspiring lots of our readers.

What does bravery mean to you?

For me, Bravery means to courageously do an activity that you find challenging but you preserve to complete it or do your best. I remember feeling very nervous about doing my first public speaking event. However, I pushed myself to complete it because I was determined to share my story. On reflection, I can see how public speaking helped me to develop both personally and professionally.

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Has being involved with YWT helped you feel braver?

Being involved with Young Women’s Trust has helped me to feel braver because I have been able to do activities that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I will never forget the first face to face workshop I attended. It was the first time I had travelled out of my local area with my 2-year-old son. Going to the workshop helped to improve my general confidence. It also gave me the tools to help me to speak up and gave me the courage to tell my own story.

What will help you stay motivated in 2021?

I will stay motivated in 2021 by keeping connected with my Young Women’s Trust family on the Facebook Lounge (a closed group for young women aged 18-30 with lived experience of living on low or no pay). I also endeavour to maintain a good self-care routine which will involve regular exercise, meditation, positive social media-use and eating healthy food.

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What’s your number one piece of advice for people who want to be braver in 2021?

“You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both” Brene Brown. Sometimes the things we are most insecure about are the most powerful to share. Sharing your story will help you to find your network and connect to people on a deeper level.


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What inspirational women do you follow on social media that will inspire you in 2021?

I follow a motivational speaker called Lisa Nicholls who speaks a lot about self-care, personal and professional development.

Thanks Katrina for sharing your experiences with us.

We are so proud to support Young Women's Trust in their mission to fight for economic justice for young women. Stories like Katrina's gives us so much hope but as always there's much more work to do and progress to see. Help us spread the word through our NEW Tatty Devine X Venus Libido collaboration, where £3 from each piece sold is donated to Young Women's Trust.

Alice Barnes