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Return Of The Kingfisher | Get The Look!

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Return Of The Kingfisher  | Get The Look!

Hey, you! Fancy a spot of bird watching?

Grab your binoculars and get ready to sparkle as store star and resident cut crease enthusiast, Meg takes us through a make up look inspired by our best selling Kingfisher Necklace - with a little help from I Heart Revolution! Read on for beady eyes, Beyoncé and the chance to WIN everything you need to recreate the look!

"I love matching my make up to key pieces in every seasonal collection, as soon as I saw the majestic Kingfisher, I knew it was love. First thing's first, you've got to make sure you've got an upbeat playlist on in the background. I usually go for lip sync songs from Ru Paul's Drag Race, it creates the perfect air of stressful extravagance, something I strive for when creating an elaborate look."

"Start with foundation, concealer, statement brows... whatever you need to set the scene, then go IN on the golden tones. I'm mixing all the shimmery, gilded shades from the Mermaid's Heart Palette to mimic the Kingfisher's delicate, golden facial feathers. This Kingfisher is pretty vibrant, i've added a little orange-y glow from the Mermaid's Heart Highlighter to really amp up the 'soaring at sunset' vibes. You'll be going over it with river blue and green tones, so make sure it's strong enough to show through."

"I'm going back to the Mermaid's Heart Palette for fresh blues and green tones, they're a perfect match for that jewel tone mirror acrylic. When first I saw Beyoncé's video for 'Blow', I solidly rocked a strong blue eye and red lip look for weeks! Alas, Bradford wasn't ready but I think it might need to make a return soon. The eyeshadow takes the longest as there's a hell of a lot of blending to do, remember I said you'd need an upbeat playlist?"

"Hmm...we need a little iridescence up in here! Enter the Liquid Highlighter Unicorn Elixir. I use this in the corner of my eyes and dab a little on my cheek bones too, in a homage to the little fish dangling from the Kingfisher's beak. This is for you, my fishy friend!"

"We use a really sparkly Swarovski crystal to mimic the perfect beady bird eye, so i'm adding a little Revolution Flawless Foils - Retreat to my lash line. Pick a little blush, I went for one of the more peachy tones, I don't know if birds have cheekbones but i'd like to think they'd be keen on a coral accent or two."

"Did you know that you can tell which Kingfishers are female by looking at their beaks? The ladies have what looks like a slick of lipstick, this little lady is going for a little Midas touch in Metallic Mermaid Lips (Shell Phone). It stays on for ages...even through a strong cup of tea or three. Liberally mist yourself with Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray and you're set! Kingfisher realness is H-E-R-E!"

Thanks, Meg! Feeling fly? We've teamed up with I Heart Revolution to give you and a friend the chance to win* all the beauty swag you need to nail this Kingfisher Necklace inspired look. That's right, you can WIN:

I Heart Revolution Mermaid's Heart Highlighter, Revolution Flawless Foils - Retreat, Blush Queen, Revolution Liquid Highlighter Unicorn Elixir, Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray, I Heart Revolution Metallic Mermaid Lips Shell Phone, and I Heart Revolution Mermaid's Heart Palette.


*Sorry, Kingfisher Necklace not included!