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Second hand September: Team Tatty Thrift!

September 09, 2020 - Alice Barnes
Second hand September: Team Tatty Thrift!
Did you know every week 13 million items of clothing ends up in UK landfill? Fast fashion is causing a big strain on our beloved planet! Oxfam has started Second Hand September to help keep clothes out of landfill. All you have to do is to pledge that for 30 days or more you will only shop secondhand. 


Here at Tatty Devine we are big lovers of shopping second hand and vintage, we even had Team Tatty swap shop back in March… Cheers Rosie for those Lucy & Yak dungarees!

We had a chat with our most fabulous Team Tatty thrifters to see how they shop secondhand:

Fizz, our charity shop superstar! We can’t wait to see your fave find.
What do you love the most about shopping secondhand?
My favourite thing about second hand shopping is the surprise of not knowing what you will find. The joy when you find something special is amazing.

Where do you shop?
I love a charity shop! I love giving back to a community especially during hard times. It’s an easy way to help out others.

What is the best thrifted item you’ve found?
My favourite vintage dress is a 80s dogtooth dress. I team it up with Dr Martens and lots of backcombing & hairspray! However, I also got an amazing steal of a beautiful faux leather jacket recently. It was covered in beautiful embroidery and the stitching was immaculate.

We love it!! What Tatty piece do you always style your dress with?
I like to style my dress with the Ooohhh Statement and Moomin Daisy Drop Earrings. I  can wear these pieces with anything!

Thanks Fizz, we’re feeling pretty jealous of those finds. Better keep a close grip on that leather jacket… 

Hiya Nicolle! We can’t wait to hear about how second hand shopping down is in Kent!
 What do you love the most about secondhand shopping?
The thing I love about secondhand shopping is that it’s something I can do with my mum. We are both thrifty shoppers and love to find hidden treasures, we make a morning of it and get a spot of lunch after and go over what we bought.

Sounds like a dream day! Where do you shop?
 I’m very lucky to live 5 minutes from Historic Rochester, so I can pop down whenever I fancy. I also love looking for second hand items wherever I go. Especially on holiday! 

What is the best thrifted item you’ve found? 
I have a love/obsession for military jackets, so I was over the moon recently when I spotted a tan cropped version! It was a bargain and is so wearable with all of my wardrobe. I fell in love instantly and snatched it up! 

What Tatty piece do you rewear over and over? 
Working for Tatty has really sparked my love for brooches, most of my collection consists of them! One of my all time faves, that I always wear again and again is the recycled Wild Tiger Brooch. He has so much detail and is a real conversation starter.

Thanks Nicolle, sounds like we need a trip to Rochester. Meet you at 12 for a spot of lunch?

Hey Alice! What do you love the most about shopping secondhand?
Finding pieces that aren’t the same as what everyone has, and knowing I’m helping the planet.

Where do you shop?
If there is second hand clothing I’m shopping there! I LOVE scouring through charity shops to find hidden gems but if I have something more specific in mind I’ll head over to depop.

What is the best thrifted item you’ve found?
Gosh!! This is a hard one… I once found an Aquascutum trench coat for a bargain price - complete with a dry cleaning label from the previous owner. At the moment though I would have to pick a denim sleeveless jacket I picked up in a vintage shop in Amsterdam!

Love a bit of vacation vintage! What Tatty piece do you style it with?
I always wear it with my Astronaut for serious space cowboy vibes. I always move the brooch from jacket to jacket.

Wow! Thanks Alice, Nicolle and Fizz for spilling all about your second hand swag. We are feeling so inspired to keep our Second Hand September pledge to only buy second hand clothing for the month! Jewellery doesn’t count though right…?
Alice Barnes