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Our Jewellery

Tatty Devine jewellery was born from Rosie and Harriet’s frustration at the lack of interesting and accessible jewellery available. As Harriet recalls “there was nothing exciting out there so we just made our own!” The DIY approach with an anarchic streak and roots in punk resonated with an industry and public hungry for something different to the commercialised, mass produced, poor quality products on offer. Turning throwaway objects like scraps of leather and guitar plectrums into jewellery not only landed the brand in Vogue magazine but also in the hearts of loyal fans all over the world. Psst, the iconic guitar plectrum was so successful, it can still be found on our chains twenty years later, immortalised as a metal logo! Now that’s a smash hit... 

Fast forward to today, where we now create around 300 new jewellery designs every year, from trend-led capsule collections to limited edition masterpieces, showcasing our advanced techniques in acrylic jewellery design and production. We are slowly moving our acrylic supplies into recycled acrylic as we use the stock on our shelves up. In addition to our permanent classic collection, collaborations and our seasonal collections - featuring ornate designs in highly collectable numbered runs. The best bit? All of our jewellery is still designed and handmade in Britain.

 Originally crafty Christmas presents for friends of Tatty Devine, our customisable Name Necklaces have been spotted on Lena Dunham, Ellie Goulding, Jessie J, Caroline Criado Perez, Baddie Winkle, Kelly Osbourne, Dawn O Porter, and even made an appearance on BBC's Don't Tell The Bride (shhh!). Need a business card with a difference? Follow in Blogtacular, Nail Transphobia, Urban Decay, Revolution Beauty and Lime Crime’s fancy footsteps with personalised pieces perfect for putting your name out there!

name necklaces



Our position as a contemporary heritage brand does not mean that our values have changed - the design process is as organic and original as Rosie and Harriet themselves. “The starting point of more recent collections is usually a current infatuation from Harriet who then with my help explores how these obsessions can translate to jewellery” explains Rosie. Far from your average jewellery designers, the two studied fine art and are recognised as artists. As such, the results of their work is not just jewellery, but art jewellery - the value of which can be found in the creative expression and design as opposed to the value lying in the materials used to produce the pieces.

 harriet making jewellery


We pride ourselves on being culturally relevant and one of the ways in which this is expressed is through our collaborations with key players in British culture. We have collaborated with some of the biggest cultural institutions in the UK as well as celebrated artists and musicians alike.



Recognised as the cult jewellery brand of a generation, we hope to go on making original, statement jewellery for you. And all we ask of you is - accept no imitations!

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