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AW20: Desire Paths

October 15, 2020 - Alice Barnes
AW20: Desire Paths
Fall into autumn with a limited edition collection full of woodland wonders: Desire Paths. Journey through autumnal leaves, celestial skies and glistening teardrops, designed with love in London and handmade in Kent by an all female team. 

 Described by writer Robert Macfarlane as “paths and tracks made over time by the wishes and feet of walkers”, Desire Paths is all about going off the beaten track, taking your own path and creating your own destiny.

Take a trip through the woodland with the Magic Mushroom Statement Necklace.

 A timeless autumn palette of shining swarovski crystals, shimmering satins and laser cut acrylic and wood recreate the intricacy, structure and softness of forest floors, towering trees and misty evenings..

“They make the most beautiful noise when the wind blows through them, they almost make music”  - Harriet Vine MBE

Inspired by Scots Pines on a small campsite in Dorset from childhood holidays we have the Pine Cone Statement Necklace from a collection overflowing with nostalgia.

Inspired by looking up through the tree canopy and seeing clear twinkling stars, our Constellation Statement Necklace guides your way through the woodland. Covered in astrological terms and star signs, this piece is something to believe in.

With uncertain times ahead, wear how you feel in the Teardrop Earrings.

This season, even more so than ever, is all about exclusivity! These woodland wonders are part of a limited edition run, with only 25 of some of these extra special pieces available.

Each piece is hand made by our super skilled makers, alongside your exclusive pick you’ll receive a Certificate of Authenticity complete with a handwritten signature from the person who made it.

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Alice Barnes