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"And They Call It Puppy Love..."

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
"And They Call It Puppy Love..."
Woof! Our cute wooden Dog on Wheels Necklace might not be competing against the pedigree pooches at legendary dog show Crufts this week, but we think he's definitely best in show - so we awarded him our coveted Tape Measure Rosette! Just look at those glossy bead eyes and handsome leather ears. His smart little red wheels are carefully designed so they really move round and round and a miniature Perspex bone dangles winsomely from his mouth. This sweet sausage dog even comes as a brooch, too! It's the perfect accessory, whether you're putting your pooch through its paces in the arena or heading out for walkies: Here at Tatty Devine HQ, we have a soft spot for lurchers, too. Our Lady and Dog Brooch is based on our friend, East London bag designer Mimi Berry and her adorable Battersea rescue dog, Dora. A glamorous gal is captured walking her elegant four legged friend in silhouette, joined by a golden chain lead:  

Back in 2010, our hearts were captured by the Salty Pup Brooch in our Spring Summer collection. We loved those folded ears, etched and hand inked fur and puppy eyes... Only a very limited number was made, making this handsome hound very rare indeed!    

What would your dream doggie-inspired jewellery look like? Share your thoughts in the comments below. You never know, your wishes might just come true...!