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ARCHIVE: Tatty Devine X Jools Walker

November 27, 2023 - Alice Barnes
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ARCHIVE: Tatty Devine X Jools Walker

Collectors, appreciators, and art adorers: shake your tail feathers in celebration for the third release in our retrospective ARCHIVE collection: an ode to over two decades of original designs, designed with love, with people we love!

A forever feature of the Tatty Devine community, enter Jools Walker. From the early days of Tatty Devine, pioneering blogger, and writer @ladyvelo AKA Jools has lit up our stores with her cycling adventures and Tatty styling, waxing lyrical over her love for our original art jewellery online and in our retrospective Misshapes exhibition. Her collection even has its own archival Instagram, @tattylogue, where you can scroll and sigh over meticulously curated necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings - designed in east London by our Creative Director Harriet Vine MBE and handmade in the UK. Finally, we’re thrilled to confirm it’s official: we’re teaming up with Jools to delve into our 20-year-strong archive and reimagine her favourite design for 2023.

Handpicked from our highly coveted AW17 ‘She Put A Spell On You’ collection, alive with mysticism and opulent icons, discover our new White Peacock Statement Necklace. Just like that, this once golden glitter and glossy black bird has been transformed into snow-like laser cut pearlescent white acrylic, embellished with jewel-toned heart-shaped adornments. This hand-curved masterpiece is part of a numbered edition of just 50 and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Brush off your Brompton bicycle and join us for a spin as we catch up with Jools on the inspiration behind our covetable peacock’s refreshed colourway to power dressing, and sartorial sentimentality.

TD: Hi Jools! What first drew you to Tatty Devine?

JW: Oh my goodness! My pull towards Tatty Devine came from the designs of the jewellery. The colours, the boldness, the creativity behind what Rosie and Harriet have created. 

Being a women-led and women-owned brand as well, just excellent. Tatty Devine has a massive place in my heart… and my wardrobe 

TD: It’s all about those head-turning accessories! What does Tatty Devine mean to you?

JW: Tatty Devine, to me, means power, confidence and feeling free. It might sound over the top but there is a particular kind of freedom I get when I wear the bigger, bolder jewellery.   

I was blessed enough to speak at the Misshapes: The Making of Tatty Devine exhibition at Central St Martins, Kings Cross. It meant so much to me, because the jewellery means so much to me in my everyday life. Whether I’m doing big presentations to tv work or MCing: I always have a big piece of power Tatty Devine around my neck or on my person because it gives me confidence. It makes me feel damn good!

Throwing back to September ‘17: it was love at first try for Jools and our original Peacock Statement Necklace!

TD: Wow, quite the collection! So, why did you want to bring back the covetable Peacock Statement Necklace in particular?

JW: So, I have the original necklace from She Put A Spell On You - it’s edition number two which I’m quite proud of. I fell in love with the Peacock Statement Necklace as soon as I saw the previews of it online when it first came out. Something for me with peacocks is incredible because they’re graceful. There’s a divinity that comes with them as well, there’s the confidence and the majesticness. When I power dress, I want to have that grace and that powerfulness, so it’s lovely to be able to put my own spin on it. 

TD: Talking about your spin, you sat down with our Creative Director, Harriet Vine and a box of acrylic samples to reimagine our AW17 design. What was your inspiration behind this wintery colourway?

JW: I was inspired by the rarity of a White Peacock, which do exist! It wanted this piece to embody being unique and standing out. Being something a bit different, yet feeling divine whilst doing it! 


 Part of a numbered edition, delicately hand-crafted by our small, expert team of makers: shop this luxe limited edition online and in our NEW Neal Street store

Alice Barnes