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Can You Dig It?

March 29, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard
Can You Dig It?

Listen up, Jurassic fanatics! It’s been a while since we’ve dug up our bestselling Dinosaur Necklace jewellery workshops, so pull up your hiking socks, dust off that diamond saw and polish those night vision goggles, (they’re expensive, kid…) and let Team Tatty take you on a dino hunt with a difference!




We trekked through our home turf of Brick Lane, down to sunny Kent where our jewellery is all laser cut and handmade, digging deep to discover gleamings bones in THREE new colourways: Rose Gold mirror acrylic, Fossil Blue swirl acrylic, and molten Silver Dust glitter acrylic. But with the sun setting, hungry raptors circling and only enough room for ONE sparkling specimen in our kit bag, what’s an indecisive paleontologist to do? Host an Instagram poll, of course! Our trio of Jurassic titans battled it out to become the first Dinosaur workshop of 2019, with hundreds of votes cast from all over the world and a flurry of very scientifically exact emojis spurring our dueling dinos on.



Once the dust settled, we deftly counted every single vote and there’s a clear winner: introducing our NEW Dinosaur Necklace - Rose GoldHooray! We’ve JUST released three sessions for you raring T-Rex fans, click here to book your tickets now and bag your very own boney beauty.


Can you dig it?