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August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard

We've been getting a little crafty recently, brightening up our Brick Lane studio for the festive season. Inspired by our Christmas jewellery (especially the sequins!) we've created some bright and bold tissue paper decorations that you can easily make at home.

Right, time to get started!

All you need: Tissue paper, scissors, string or ribbon.

1: To make one large decoration, grab 8-10 sheets of colourful tissue paper and create a concertina by folding the paper over and under repeatedly.

2: Fold the concertina in half and tie with 1m of string or ribbon in the centre. Whilst your concertina is still folded, you can play with the shape of the edges using scissors to add definition to your decoration once open. We alternated between round edges and triangles to mix things up!

3: Now it's time to spread the folds out into a circle before you get to the fun part!

4: Pull the individual sheets of tissue paper away from each other. Do this on both sides until your decoration is even and round. Can you spot our Rob Ryan rings in the snap above?

5: Here's some we made earlier! Now it's time to hang your decorations up and get in the party mood.

Show us your colourful photos by tagging your snaps on Instagram with #ColourfulXmas - there's even a chance to win a Sequin Party Necklace and Lomography camera!