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Double Trouble: Petitedoll

October 26, 2020 - Alice Barnes
Double Trouble: Petitedoll
We’re back with another SPOOKTACULAR blog to inspire your Halloween look! Things are getting scary and surreal with photo artist Giulia aka petite.doll over on instagram. We are obsessed with Giulia’s many looks, so we challenged her to create a costume inspired by our Double Trouble collection.

We love this look and that you gave it a name Precarious affection!
 What is it about the Anatomical Heart Brooch that inspired you the most?
 I've always been obsessed with anatomical hearts, this is the reason why you can often spot them in my photographic work. When I saw this beautiful black brooch I said: I could wear it everyday!

What is your #1 product you always have in your makeup bag? 
Red lipstick of course.

Red lipstick is a must! Which makeup artists/enthusiasts should we follow on IG?
 I think @mimles is a talent out of this world! She's a big inspiration to me, even if I'm not a makeup artist.

Wow she is amazing! What is your favourite Halloween look you've ever done?
The Crab Girl!

Love it! Reminds us of something… 

Time for some quickfire questions!

What's your favourite scary movie? 
Even if I have a love for the macabre, scary movies aren't really my thing…

If you could cast one spell what would it be?
Does "Dracarys" count? Probably followed by my pet spitting fire to destroy all the negativity out there.

No bad vibes! Trick or treat? 
I have a sweet tooth so… Treat!

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Alice Barnes