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May 13, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard

Allez, allez!

Eurovision 2019 is THIS Saturday and what better time to get your EU-phoria on with Team Tatty? Read on for our team picks from our EU and Me collection, perfect for shimmying around the sitting room as those scores come rolling in…



“Eurovision is a time to come together and celebrate all things creative and camp. No matter what your background is, Eurovision is for everyone. Say it with me, “UNITY!” I’ll be wearing a personalised Name Necklace spelling out, ‘Eurotrash’ (a bestseller in our Covent Garden store) and our EU Star Earrings. Voila!” - Brand and Sales Manager, Amy



“I’m heading to the Rio Cinema to watch the action on their HUGE 27ft screen… just THINK of all the HD action I’m in for! I snapped up one of the EU Star Statement Necklaces as soon as they left the laser (well, I let it cool first!), so I’ll be dazzling everyone in the front row with my fancy reflections. Oops!” - Marketing and Events Executive, Charlotte



No such thing as nil points here! Smash the scoreboard in our EU and Me collection, lovingly laser-cut and handmade in the UK as a tribute to the European Union online and in-store now.