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Feeling of Fall

September 22, 2021 - Alice Barnes
Feeling of Fall
The nights are drawing in and we've got the Feeling of Fall. Put on your woollen jumper, lace up those boots and grab your guide to fungi, we’re taking a walk through our new collection full of autumnal jewellery.

Find the fantasy of the forest floor in our Forest Forager Statement Necklace.

From etched and hand inked purple berries and acorns to frosted pears and leaves, this piece sets the tone for this collection in a fall palette of warm-toned taupe, marble tortoiseshell, shimmering oranges with a hint of pearlescent purple.

Say hello to the hero of the hedgerow, it’s the Elderberry Statement Necklace. We've created this perennial in a perfect palette of purple. Jam anyone?

Talking of sweet treats, time to grab your apron.

Bake off fans, this one’s for you! It’s the Cookbook Brooch. Today we're baking cakes with our favourite recipe and retro illustration inspired by Rosie’s cookbook from when she was a kid! 

Sugar, eggs, cinnamon… We’ve got all the ingredients we need for the Pumpkin Pie Pendant. We’ve baked a buttery flaky crust in walnut wood and delicately dolloped with pearlescent cabochon cream. Mmm!

Let’s get back to nature… Dogs or Cats? You don’t have to decide with Feeling of Fall.

There’s nothing more joyful than a Puppy in the Park Brooch. So fetch!

Our Nestled Autumn Cat Necklace has made its bed and is lying in it, all cosy and curled up amongst the leaves.

Find the magic in mushrooms with the Trippy Toadstool Necklace. Laser cut most psychedelic finishes and complete with golden star etch, it’s your time to shine!

Hoot goes there? It’s our Moonlight Owls Necklace. It’s a parliament party with this band of beautiful birds laser cut in woodland tones of walnut wood, taupe and tortoiseshell acrylic.

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Alice Barnes