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Galentines: Fiona & Yana

February 13, 2021 - Alice Barnes
Galentines: Fiona & Yana
Happy Galentines, Palentines and big love to all the besties! Tatty Devine was founded on female friendship. So on this day we wanted to help Fiona give something back to Yana, her housemate and BFF and hear a little about why friendship is so special to her!
Hey Fiona, tell us a bit about yourself!
Heyyy!! I’m Fiona! I’m a 23 year old textiles designer and artist based in Rochester, Kent. I have a passion for fashion, various bits of tat, shiny rocks and my plants of course (very gen z of me).
 After having just graduated my degree during covid I spent lockdown with my two best friends and housemates (Elizabeth and Yana) as we started to rejig our lives and move on from existing as silly struggling students. 
My favourite colour is green and I quite literally do everything in my power to make that my whole personality but nonetheless I love being surrounded by colour all day every day!! It makes me super happy!
What does friendship mean to you?
Friendship is the most valuable relationship to me! It's your chosen family, who are almost always your first port of call for support and love and company, especially during horrible times like this. Friendship has been the baseline for keeping me sane all my life, I owe so much to my friends.  
Who is your best friend and how did you meet?
My housemate, Yana, is one of my closest bestest pals in my life! Although I class so many of my friends as my best friends I cherish them all so much. I met my group of lovely hunnies at university, we’d all done the same course but never really met properly, then all ended up somehow crossing paths and becoming amazing friends and then somehow stumbled into our big sexy lovely group of bad bitches that we are today <3
What do you love most about living with your best friend?
The fact that we are literally the same person. I'm not even joking, our birth charts are near identical. We know each other's mannerisms to a T and can co-exist in our own shared space so well. We joke that I’m the husband and she’s my wife because I put up the shelves and do (badly done) DIY and she washes up my mugs of coffee I leave lying around for days on end. 
Sounds like a good compromise! What is the best thing about Yana?
We know exactly when we both need a Twilight binge watch or a regency film session.
Friends who binge Twilight together, stay together! What is the best memory the two of you have shared?
Our first cheers of real adult Champagne (that my mum bought me ahaha) when we moved into our new flat together.
What is your favourite thing to do together?
I wont say watching Twilight because that's so embarrassing even though it's true… uuh probably our self-branded “basic girl evenings”. It started when we both saw Tik Toks of girls shower routines and they felt so luxurious. So on our “basic girl evenings” we have our retrospective baths or like a really good shower, exfoliate, deep condition… the works, then moisturise to the gods and sit down with a glass of shit wine and talk nonsense for ages ….or watch a stupid film like ‘The Duff’ or something.
Reeeelaxing! Why is your relationship so special?
Because we are pretty much the same person, we know each other so well and know how to support each other and how we like to celebrate and how we like our coffees etc. We’re basically married without the overly expensive wedding and tax benefits.
Amazing! Ready for some quick fire questions?
If Yana was a colour, what would she be?
PINK, absolutely pink but the kind of pink that is like the shimmery dusty pink in your favourite eye-shadow pallet or the kind of rusty pink that the clouds turn during a really intense sunset. 
When life is normal where is your favourite place to go together?
Our favourite place is usually wherever we can be with the rest of our friends! Having a silly sleepover, a skinny dip in Margate at 3am or hunting for a new vegan place to eat. We can truly make anywhere our favourite place which sounds super lame, oh my god, but sadly it's true.
Not lame at all sounds like the perfect friendship! What always makes you think of Yana?
Listening to Fall Out Boy and Muse way too loud in the car on our way somewhere.
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. 
Having spinach in almost everything. 
And kitchen dance sessions, completely sober on a Thursday afternoon.



Is it even a best friendship without kitchen dance sessions? Thank you for chatting with us Fiona!
This has made us want to go and give our bestie a big *virtual* hug! You too? Why not send them a little something to say “You’re the best pal” with our Valentines edit!
Alice Barnes