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Gift Guide: Bookworms with @nell.searle

October 19, 2023 - Alice Barnes
Gift Guide: Bookworms with @nell.searle

Meet Nell, the avid reader behind @nellyisreading and the face of our Gifts for Bookworms guide! We caught up with Nell after a busy day of posing to chat top tips for perfect presents, her love for literature and photoshoot fun!

TD: Tell us a bit about yourself… 

N: I like to think of myself as a colourful person and an avid reader with a creative background. I run a book Instagram account where I get to share my love for reading too! 

Also I'm just a tad bit obsessed with cats, music and recently - highland cows. 

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TD: Describe yourself in five words…

N: Silly girl obsessed with reading! 

TD: So Nell, you modelled our Book Lovers Gift Guide category: how did wearing our Bookworm Necklace make you feel?

N: It's possibly the cutest thing I've worn in a hot minute - the little glasses! The little pink face! That's basically what I imagine myself to look like when I'm hunched over a new book. 

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TD: What do you love most about all things books? 

N: The online reading community makes reading super fun for me - I love sharing and reading reviews, finding new books to lose myself in, and learning to love new characters and their journeys. 

TD: Favourite piece you wore on shoot day? 

N: Other than the cutest little Bookworm Necklace, I really loved The Song of Achilles Pendant in collaboration with the Women's Prize for Fiction. What a beautiful book and an equally beautiful piece of jewellery. 

TD: Fave part of shoot day? 

N: Whenever I've been on set for a shoot, I genuinely feel like I could sleep when having my make-up and hair done. It's a dream! It's weirdly relaxing. Other than that, I loved getting to model the new scarves - being bundled up was so cosy. 

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TD: Without giving too much away, which Tatty Devine piece would you gift to your BFF? 

N: A Name Necklace is always going to be iconic - perhaps a cheeky phrase that we throw about? 

TD: Picture this: you've just unwrapped your Christmas gifts. What makes a good present to you? 

N: I love it when I receive gifts that nod to a past experience or inside joke with the person giving the gift! Things that are personal, fun and that I'll look at fondly. 

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Alice Barnes