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Gift Guide: Science and History with @notyouraverageami

October 26, 2023 - Alice Barnes
Gift Guide: Science and History with @notyouraverageami

Meet Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon: scientist, Co-Founder of social enterprise Stemettes and the personification of our Gifts for Science and History Lovers guide! Between sharing a mutual love for jumpsuits and oggling iridescent jewellery, we manage to pop a few questions to Anne-Marie… 

TD: Tell us a bit about yourself… 

AMI: I like maths, tech and helping people. I spend all day every day doing actions driven by the previous sentence.

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TD: Describe yourself in five words

AMI: Techy Anne-Marie Creative Joyful Fast

TD: So Anne-Marie, you modelled our Science & History Buffs Gift Guide category: how did wearing our Astronaut Brooch make you feel?

AMI: Intergalactic. And cool. You might say 'out of this world'.

TD: Fave part of shoot day?

AMI: Seeing a jumpsuit I already own on the tryout rack. I love that my style is so well-defined.

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TD: What do you love most about all things science?

AMI: That you can solve problems. And that you can create repeatable things with the knowledge.

TD: What makes a good present to you?

AMI: Something I've had my eye on for a while but haven't had the means or time to acquire myself. 

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TD: Without giving too much away, which Tatty Devine piece would you gift to your BFF?

AMI: Smashing Stereotypes Necklace. It's still my all-time fave and I love so many people who smash stereotypes daily.

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Alice Barnes