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How to: make a Citrus Spritz Cocktail

May 11, 2023 - Alice Barnes
How to: make a Citrus Spritz Cocktail

It’s World Cocktail Day! Pop on your best summer dress, our Citrus Spritz Necklace and join Team Tatty’s resident mixologist, Elysia for her take on jewellery-inspired cocktails. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sbagliato mix, we love this from Primo Aperitivo
  • Prosecco
  • Oranges
  • Ice

Now you’ve prepped everything you need, let’s get making!!

Whether it’s the finest crystal to a novelty mug, grab your favourite drinking vessel. Head to the freezer, we’re cooling down our go-to cup with your biggest ice cube.

Grab your oranges, the fresher the better! Slice them up and pop them to one side, we’ll come back to these citrussy slices later.

Sbagliato time, oooh stunning. Pour it up with one shot of aperitvo, the flavours? Sweet vermouth, bitter liqueur and pink grapefruit.

Pop, time for some fizz! Add a good glug of prosecco and you are almost ready to serve. 

Garnish your drink with a slice of orange. Want to make it a little sweeter? Simply add orange juice to the rim of your glass.

Perfect for sipping in the sunshine, we recommend drinking this summer-ready cocktail style: will it be our Citrus Spritz Necklace or Champagne Glass Earrings?

Alice Barnes