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Jewellery Making Workshops 2019

January 03, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard
Jewellery Making Workshops 2019

Wave “hola” to a 2019 and new Tatty Devine jewellery making workshops! That’s right, we’re looking to sunshine and jewel tones as our Medium Milagros Parakeet Necklace swoops into our original Brick Lane studio and store space.



Hands up if your new year's resolution is to get crafty, find a hobby or learn a new skill... Okay, we've got you! Get ready to flex those pliers and let Team Tatty teach you how to hand-link together your very own bird of paradise, laser cut from glossy mirror blue, green and yellow acrylic. Our jewellery making workshops are held in our busy working studio, just beyond the store, where it all began 20(!) years ago and we still design all Tatty Devine pieces right where you're sitting. Cool, right?




Ooh, a silver or gold chain? The choice is yours, so what are you waiting for? Nab your tickets right here, right now! 


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