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Love Tokens: A Closer Look

January 24, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard
Love Tokens: A Closer Look

With our deeply romantic Love Tokens collection firmly on the horizon, we saddled up and went to see our good friend Elisabeth, a huge Tatty Devine fan who hails from vibrant Mexico City to talk Milagros, snacks and London’s best Mexican food. Join us as she takes a closer look at Love Tokens, piece by piece…



"As soon as I saw the Big Heart Milagros Necklace, it instantly made me think of Escaramuza, an all-female display, or I guess sport, a bit like a rodeo? It’s very empowering, this piece makes me think of the detailing on their uniforms, the silver detailing looks just like the patterns on their jackets. it’s a tradition which can be passed down through families and is very empowering for women. Jess Glynn even featured them in her ‘I’ll Be There’ video! Milagros means ‘miracles’ and you see them in churches back home, there’s boards you nail them to and make a prayer, a bit like lighting candles. They can be silver like your version or a more bronze kind of colour, these ones are called ‘de lanterna’. We sometimes call these little silver charms Milagritos, it means ‘cute’ and you could definitely say it about the Milagros Horseshoe Pendant.”

“There’s so many fancy places to eat Mexican in London now, it’s trendy! Thomasina Miers kind of started it with Wahaca and now Barrafina’s founders are due to open another branch of Casa Pastor in Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross, Santo Remedio (that means holy remedy!) in London Bridge which is very visually authentic. I love 'Baja style' fish tacos, so called because they're originally from Ensenada which we call 'the Baja California.' Have you ever had them? Go have their brunch and just look at everything all around you. You should also check out Martha Ortiz’s modern Mexican food in Mayfair, Ella Canta. She’s quoted as saying, “women are the owners of Mexican food… it’s this explosion of flavors that are more feminine, bare, and essential.”


“My grandma lives in a little village called Pachuca and for me, she very much represents the traditional side of Mexico and our culture. I love the Sacred Heart Statement Necklace, although you know I’d love it if it was even bigger, haha! The colours of the heart, the hands, it’s spot on. Back home, everyone has these in their house and the heart shapes usually have the most decoration added to them. You can call these tin art designs Milagros too, I have a big heart over my bed and it's travelled all over the world with me."




"I think of your jewellery as works of art and would love to frame them, it’s an ongoing mission of mine to find the perfect frames and hang them on my walls… I’m a bit of a narcissist, I commissioned a doll version of myself from Wen and she even recreated my personalised 'Skene' Name Necklace - look!”


“I love the Vine Snake Necklace and the Spider Monkey Necklace! The new green acrylic shines and glitters in the light, it’d look so good with the sunny weather to come (hopefully!) as it’ll catch the sunshine and it’s not an ‘in your face’ sparkle but it’s definitely there…”




“I never imagined moving here, it was not something I'd always dreamed of. Mexico is so big, you never really imagine leaving but I eventually ended up moving to London, via France and I’ve been in here for 10 years now! My mum recently came to visit me for the first time ever, she stayed a month and a half and brought treats I can’t find here. I've searched and searched and there are things that just don’t exist here, even in the ‘Latin’ areas such as Elephant and Castle or Brixton… Ah, look at the Chipotle Chilli Necklace! It reminds me of the dried mangos dusted in chilli powder I've missed so much, trust me, they’re so good. Oh, and tamarind candies... I’ll bring you a goodie bag!”



“Wow, this collection is totally the essence of Milagros… you’ve just put it out there and are hoping for the best. It's beautiful." Thanks for hanging out with us, Elisabeth! Open your heart to our miraculous Love Tokens collection online and in-store now...


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