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Meet Crystal Fischetti

September 08, 2020 - Alice Barnes
Meet Crystal Fischetti
Next up on our Women We Watch blog is London based spiritual artist Crystal Fischetti. We chatted all things arty from creating your own natural dyes, art as therapy to the best tunes to paint to. If you’re a lover of colour whose into abstract art, Crystal Fischetti is the girl for you!

 Another member of Tatty’s Art Club, Crystal is radiating positivity in our Colour Swatch Earrings, made with 100% recycled acrylic.

Hey Crystal! Can you describe what you do in five words?
Observe, create, express, heal, love.

When did you start to explore Art as a form of therapy and begin your journey into teaching it to others?
Mostly during the lockdown while I was 'stuck' in Mexico but I was teaching art therapy, at the latter end of my MA at Chelsea, from my art studio in London last year. I consider myself a healer, mainly.

What have been your favourite discoveries on making and using your own botanical/natural dyes?
An understanding and appreciation for the beginning of painting, paint as medium and a reverence for the natural world. Botanical dying is nothing new but during this Age of Aquarius we get to respect and take stock of the fruits of the earth beyond the man-made.
I am still exploring how to create flower dyes but one of my favourite colours is yellow and turmeric creates a wonderful long lasting sunshine.

Which other female artists should we be following on Instagram right now?
Ones that support true sisterhood, stand up against sex slavery, domestic violence, animal cruelty and those that are living examples of love. I don't care for fame. I care for positive leadership. Follow what you seek to attract and what resonates for you. 

What are your favourite records to play whilst working?
My record player which I bought in Detroit this March before the lockdown just started burning up. I was playing some weird ambient instrumentals on it and a guy called Paul Horn who played a flute in the Taj Mahal in the late 60's. 
On Spotify I have been listening to TJ Tracey, Bruno Martino, Lizz Wright, Dua Lipa, Eduardo Castillo and Mahmood. I have an eclectic music taste. I also LOVE Beethoven!

Do you have colours which you gravitate towards and why?
Red, orange and yellow. My culture, the merge of Italy and Colombia. I am a sunny person, I love the heat and I should have been born a Leo. I am a Pisces sun, all dreamy and blue. I go deep, I feel deeply. I love the sea.

Which Art Movements of the past have influenced and inspired your work to be what it is today?
The New York school from the late '50s' to '60's a movement of Abstract Expressionism, coined by a great master: Robert Motherwell who was once married to my other heroine, Helen Frankenthaler. I also enjoy Hilma af Klint's work, Katrina Grosse, Eva Hesse, so many…
My ancestor Fedele Fischetti was a Rococo master and I heavily respect his symbolism and attention to detail.
 Would it be cliché if I said Leonardo da Vinci? I adore his work and have three copies of his notebooks. One in London, one still in LA and the other at home in Rome. At Fiumicino airport there is a statue of his Vitruvian man as you leave Rome. I am so proud to be Italian, sometimes it hurts. (I have dual nationality). 

Do you have any advice for budding artists?
Stay true, make mistakes, keep going, fail better, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, the suckers wanna bring you down but don't let them. Have boundaries, don't be a tragic artist, fail better each time, borrow, give, give  acknowledgement, give praise, celebrate your victories, re-invent, find yourself a mentor or two who really believe in you, don't chase money or fame, do the work because you love it, because it makes others feel good, have a good business head, be organised, eloquent, elegant, hold your head high, don't be cocky, know how to intellectually hold an argument and be humble. Study, study, study. The art world is small, everyone remembers everything. Lastly, and most importantly, family is everything, tribe is everything.

Colour Swatch Earrings. 

Favourite place to be inspired?
The sea, somewhere hot and with good company. My hammock in Italy is also a great spot for inspiration!

Favourite cultural institution / what museum/gallery has influenced you the most?
LACMA, SFMOMA and The Wallace Collection.

Any advice for sharing your work on Instagram? 
Be authentic, connect, share a story not an algorithm. 

Biggest canvas you’ve worked on?
20 foot tall painting but technically it was on silk, in LA.

Favourite record?
Let's Dance, by Bowie comes to mind, I also love his Wild is the Wind version.

And finally, what are your plans for 2021?
Be in the moment, love and travel.

Thanks Crystal! Want to explore more of Crystal’s colourful work? Brighten your IG feed with wonderful work in progress pics! Or head on over to her website, where you can even get your hands on a piece.

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Alice Barnes