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May 11, 2018 - Rachel Spencer-Smith

Introducing our NEW Classic Collection

Over 70 iconic Tatty Devine designs are here to stay, from familiar faces to refreshed throwbacks - there’s something for every wish list! Take a trip down memory lane and discover 'go to' greats, you won't regret it!

Telescopes at the ready, we spy bewitching golden La Luna Moons shining bright... 



Spot strands of twinkling Shooting Stars as they soar through the night sky.



Ground Control to Major Tom...Meet the Galaxy Statement Necklace - studded with pearlescent, opalescent and transparent stars.



We’re ready for our close up with the Camera Necklace, complete with viewfinder you can really peek through!



Saddle up with the Unicorn Necklace, sprinkled with Swarovski crystals for extra sparkle.



Bring the noise with our miniature Record Player Necklace and Mixtape Necklace, perfect for all analogue addicts.



Pop on our prismatic, best selling Iridescent Bubble Necklaces!



Updated for 2018 in matte black acrylic, let this classic statement necklace do the talking. Monday mornings? Reach for the Aarrghhh Necklace!



Pair the mischievous matt black Cat and Mouse with a statement collar for a look that will have you feline fine.



What are you waiting for?

Shop the new Classic Collection online and in store NOW!

Rachel Fennell
Rachel Fennell