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Meet Photosynthesister

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Meet Photosynthesister

Soak up the sunshine in vibrant new jewellery that's a breath of fresh air! From fresh fruit to vibrant foliage, our Photosynthesister collection has you covered. Are you ready for wellness?

Feeling fresh? Get your daily dose of vitamin C with our hand curved Orange Blossom Statement Necklace.

Hint at painterly passions in the Fauve Foliage Necklace. No beret necessary!

Look fly in our inquisitive, iridescent Hummingbird Necklace.

Adorn yourself with our etched and hand inked Spider Plant Earrings, the ultimate feel good foliage.

Hitchin' a ride! First seen in 2013, our plucky little Tortoise Ring and Necklace are back and ready to explore your wardrobe.

Pick of the Tatty Devine terrarium? Our ornate hand curved and inked Succulent Statement Necklace.

Mind your head! Watch out for 3D air plants, cleverly recreated in hand curved acrylic as the Terrarium Necklace.

Tropic like it's hot in the Tropical Palm Leaves Necklace. (Sunshine optional)

Psst, we've even grown our favourite fruit: avocados. And no, they're not extra...

What's that in the undergrowth? Relax, it'sss just our playful Toy Snake Necklace.

Freshen up your look with Photosynthesister online and in store NOW!