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April 08, 2019 - Charlotte Prichard

Stop the clock! Our infamous Sample Sale is just around the corner and we don't want you to miss a thing...


We're heading back to last year's super spacious venue, St. Hilda's East Community Centre, on Saturday 11th May from 10am to 4.30pm but we're not coming empty-handed, oh no! Take your pick from one-off designs, pieces from our 20 year strong archive (ooh!) and sought after seconds (aah!) at up to 70% off. The best bit? It's only a 4 minute hop, skip and a jump from our original Brick Lane store, so you can even pop in afterward and show our super store stars your spoils... Fill your boots with prices starting from £5 and get ready to make friends in the queue, yep, you might want to bring water, sun cream and a waterproof jacket just in case! What's that, you've never been to a Tatty Devine sample sale? Don't panic, let Team Tatty fill you in on the essentials:


"Keep those wishlist wonders and #tattyregret pieces in mind but also you never know what you're going to get. From really, really retro specials to more recent samples you never knew you *needed*, they're all up for grabs! I'm slowly collecting all the Tate swatch pieces from 2007, if you spot an Untitled Brooch let this would-be artist know!" - Charlotte


"Think to yourself, do I want statement earrings? Am I a bracelet kind of person? Have I got any birthday presents to buy? That helps you narrow down the search, it's a little bit like flipping through records, working out what you really like and honing in on it. I'm on the hunt for a Ric Rac Necklace from 2010ish, will I get lucky? Keep your fingers crossed for me!" - Amy



"Have a laugh, it's banging! I'm all about the cats, anything feline - I can't get enough! Don't forget to have a big breakfast or bring your packed lunch, jam sandwiches all round!" - Hollie


"Definitely make friends in the queue, then you can spread out and have more chance of finding things that everyone might like. Don't hoard piles of pieces, it gets hard to see the wood for the trees after a while, pop anything that's definitely not you back on the table for other shoppers to discover. I love, love, love a rather large earring or two, I might just add to my collection..." - Emily



Thinking of joining us on May 11th? Keep an eye out for further info under the hashtag #TDSampleSale on Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned for sneak peeks... please note, one off designs and samples are extremely limited and so it's best to arrive early to avoid disappointment. See you soon!