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Soak Up the Sun...

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Soak Up the Sun...

Hey, Photosynthesister!

Fancy the low-down on Harriet Vine's key picks from our fresh NEW collection? 🌵 Get ready to soak up seriously sunny vibes as we head over to the Barbican Centre Conservatory...

"I love spider plants! They're like 'teacher plants', they always seem to live by the old art books, right? There's a lovely place in Cambridge called Kettle's Yard, it was very much on my mind when I designed and shot this collection. It just exudes wellness, I also had about zen gardens in the back of my mind. They instill peace and calm, reduce stress...self care is at the centre of this collection!"

"So. Many. Fronds! The Tropical Palm Leaves pieces mimic classic textile prints, the kind you see in traditional interiors, maybe in a pavillion? More than a little nod to the conservatory at dream shoot location, Eaton House Essex."

"I love the mathmatics of succulents and the fibonacci sequence. It can be hard recreating organic matter in acrylic...each piece within the Succulent Pendant is laser etched, inked and hand curved to mimic the real thing."

"Air plants, they're like magic! How do they even exist? They're so self sustaining, they were so unfashionable, my nan used to have them...they had goggley eyes stuck on and were a bit of a novelty. Just look at them now! I just had to make the Terrarium Necklace!"

"There's a very 70's vibe within the Succulent Necklace, from the frosted taupe acrylic to the tortoiseshell link chain. These pieces make me think of the Alpine House at Kew Gardens. They're apparently relatively indestructible...ish. Actually, sometimes i've thought that there might be a built in obsolescence in house plants, although maybe i'm just unlucky."

"Look who's BACK! God, I just love a tortoise...these ones are laser cut, hand curved, glued and pinned. Phew! No wonder they need a rest!"

"Years ago, Rosie and I went to Joshua Tree National Park and just hung out in the desert. The Prickly Pear Cactus Necklace reminds me of baking in that dry, blazing heat and visiting The Cabazon Dinosaurs from Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure. We NEED to go back and shoot the Dinosaur Necklace there!"


Thanks, Harriet. Get your wellness on with Photosynthesister online and in store now!