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SS22: How it's made

March 17, 2022 - Alice Barnes
SS22: How it's made
The days are getting longer and the sun is getting brighter, it’s truly time for our limited edition Spring Summer ‘22 collection to shine. We’re enlightening our inner animal, reconnecting with nature and finding our pride with Wild Things. Let’s be free and explore how this sun-kissed collection was made…

Declared a divine bird by emperors, our Parrot Pals seem like a good place to start.

Similar yet different; these feathered friends have been laser etched with envy-inducing, metallic-inked plumage as an ode to golden hour and finished with glossy cabochon eyes. Sustainability on your mind? 80% of this statement piece is cut from recycled acrylic, with each Parrot Pals Statement Necklace made up of 45 separate pieces in 14 different shades to honour your true colours.

Texture, movement and colour align in our covetable pieces of art jewellery, from initial sketches to 3D, wearable masterpieces. Designed with love in London and meticulously handcrafted in Kent, the Spotted Begonia Necklace is the embodiment of Wild Things’ ethos of becoming at one with your surroundings. A literal case of art imitating life, a sprawling plant watched on as Creative Director Harriet put pencil to paper...

A perennial with a plethora of meanings, including peace, gratitude and respect, this lush arrangement has been reimagined in an array of emerald, frosted lime and shimmering lava acrylic, each frond hand-bent using a custom mould. Take a look at the initial stages of our development process below: the trademark spots of a Begonia plant are etched and inked in silver for a sun-kissed, limited edition homage to East London studio.

A patronus for those who just can’t be tamed (a la Miley Cyrus) and folks who embrace their individuality, with stripes as personal as a fingerprint, our Zebras are a monochromatic motif of uniqueness.
Laser cut in striking acrylic that shimmers effervescently in its natural environment, these pieces are the ultimate finishing touch for monochrome outfits. Confusing to predators, or those who just don’t get IT; the laser-etched stripes of our Zebra Brooch, Earrings and Statement Necklace create the coolest camouflage.

Hand-pinned to perfection by our team of expert female makers, twelve disks arabesque (rhythmic linear patterns, fact fans!) in an alternate pattern of smoky pearlescent black and etched acrylic. Coming together to tessellate, our Zebra Statement Necklace moves with you as a reminder to dazzle (that’s the collective noun for a group of zebras!) whilst exploring who you really are.

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Alice Barnes