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SS22: Wild Things

February 17, 2022 - Alice Barnes
SS22: Wild Things
Enlighten your inner animal, reconnect with nature and find your pride with our Spring Summer 2022 limited edition collection: Wild Things.

A new sense of freedom has bred a jewellery collection brimming with beautiful creatures and lush plant life. Embodying animalistic energies: we’re celebrating uniqueness with zebras, harnessing the power of divine feminine energy with lionesses and raising a toast to tenderness with vibrant parrot pals.

Emperor-certified emblems of enduring love; good things come in pairs, so we’ve doubled up on the divine with our Parrots Pals Statement Necklace. Celebrate similarities and differences in these coordinating yet completely individual birds of paradise, hand-crafted from 80% recycled acrylic by our small team of expert makers in Kent. 

Say hello to a sun-soaked palette! Laser cut acrylic is morphed into a glossy 3D masterpiece - adorned with a sparkling spray of crystals. Did you know? Each section of our rainbow reptile has been carefully heated and hand bent to replicate a basking chameleon

Every piece of SS22 was designed under the watchful gaze of a vibrant Spotted Begonia plant, taking pride of place in our London studio.


Revered as a symbol of rebirth in Ancient Egypt and closely associated with the Sun God, we’re shining bright like a diamond with Scarab Beetles. Etched into the wings of our Kafka-esque insect is the tetrahedron-shaped crystal structure of Carbon Graphite, a compelling reminder that with a little pressure, something grey can turn into a diamond. 

Soak up the sunshine in the Prayer Plant Statement Necklace. Designed to mimic a tropical Maranta plant, whose leaves fold together at dusk like hands closed in prayer, this piece is rooted in appreciation. Inspired by daydreams of exploring the great outdoors in this luxurious arrangement of laser etched and hand inked leaves.

Our Seasonal collections are ALL about exclusivity. These primitive hero pieces are part of a limited edition run, with only 30 of some of these vibrant and vivacious jewels available.
Each piece is hand made by our super-skilled makers and paired with a Tatty Devine Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the member of Team Tatty who made it.
Embrace your wild side and shop Wild Things online and in-store now.
Alice Barnes