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SS23: How It's Made

February 05, 2023 - Alice Barnes
SS23: How It's Made

Join us on a joyful journey as we explore the craftsmanship behind our limited edition SS23 collection, Kaleidoscope of Love: turning the things that make us happy into wearable works of art. From initial sketches sprinkled with serotonin, making magic happen with prototypes to hand-crafting our most personal collection yet… 


Inspired by our Co-Founder's penchant for shellfish, let’s dive into the making process with our Oyster Shell Earrings.
 Starting life as pencil illustrations, these opalescent oysters are laser cut,  heated then hand-curved by our team of makers. Like the real things, these statement earrings only need to cook for a few minutes before they assume their mesmerising final form!  

Each shell earring is topped with a hand-pinned oyster at its centre, adorned with twinkling crystal, pearl and hand-inked embellishments. Guaranteed to dazzle from Dalston to the depths of the beautiful briny sea, watch the video below to see us assemble these sparkling treasures. 

Texture, movement and colour align in our covetable pieces of art jewellery, from initial sketches to 3D, wearable masterpieces. Masterpieces take time and our bestselling Vine of Tomatoes Necklace is no different:  we first sampled this fresh and fruity number in monochrome acrylic to ensure those tactile stalks spin seamlessly, just like a set of spurs! 

Designed with love in London and meticulously handcrafted in Kent, our ode to homegrown produce consists of 20 separate pieces of acrylic, with over half made from recycled acrylic: each colour-pop fruit is laser cut and hand curved to mimic a bold little tom. We’ve sold over half the limited edition run of colour-pop Vine of Tomatoes Necklaces: pre-order NOW for your pick of the crop! 

Inspired by Brand and Sales Manager Charlotte’s big orange cat and lovingly referred to as the ‘Nigel Angel Baby Necklace’, our now-named Cat Rays Necklace is a real-life ray of sunshine. He’s officially the happiest piece of SS23 to make, according to our expert jewellery makers in Kent. Question is, who wouldn’t love having a clowder of cats staring at you while you’re crafting away?!

More than just a purr-etty face, Nigel’s vibrant feline visage has been carefully hand-drawn by our Co-Founder Harriet and reverse-etched onto bold mirror acrylic for a photo-realistic pet portrait. We’re sticklers for detail: running multiple trials to ensure our unique cat necklace is made to exact specifications - meow!

POV: You are about to witness the most colours ever used in a Tatty Devine Necklace… so far! Enter our Rainbow Hearts Statement Necklace: lasercut in 70, yes, 70 shades of glitter, mirror and pearlescent acrylic. Think the final product is big? Look below to see the first test of this rainbow statement necklace: it was so big it couldn’t fit in any of our boxes, so we toned it down - just a little!

Capturing the all-encompassing Tatty love, each individual acrylic heart is carefully hand-linked together with love: it takes WHOLE DAYS for even our most expert makers to craft these supersized statement necklaces!

Here for a Beach Boys moment, Let’s Put Our Hearts Together… Watch the video below to see us assemble our super statement’s smaller sibling: our Rainbow Hearts Necklace.

Ready for some speedy seasonal making snippets?

Keeping our Frilly Lettuce Necklace crisp, this quintessentially British quintet is composed of five hand-bent leaves in gorge-worthy greens. How do they look so tempting? We made individual moulds for each leaf so they all curve in their own way. Tuck in!

Peek in the pages of Harriet’s sketchbook: the inspiration behind our Tears of Joy Necklace? Rain, showers, sea spray and that Blade Runner scene. Notching up 10 covetable shades, see true blue glitter, mirror, iridescent and pearlescent: this emblem of emotions is made up of 53 individual pieces!

Shop Kaleidoscope of Love online and in our Central London store now. While you're there, why not check out the lookbook?

Alice Barnes