Tatty Devine X Moomin is HERE!

Tatty Devine X Moomin is HERE!

Charlotte Prichard, 17 October 2019

 Introducing one of our most anticipated collaborations of the past twenty years, Tatty Devine x Moomin.


Tatty Devine x Moomin


We’re honoured to work with Moomin to bring our signature Tatty Devine touch to Tove Jansson’s much-loved creatures. You’ll find your favourite Finnish characters brought to life in glossy laser cut acrylic, hand etched and inked in our Kent studio.



Take a trip to Moomin Valley and encounter its instantly recognisable residents, from trembling Hattifatteners, to adventurous Moomintroll, sweet Snorkmaiden, and Little My. Moominvalley is surrounded by beautiful nature and so, we’ve even curated delicate florals: translating Tove’s original illustrations into glossy digitally printed pendants! 




Stack up pancakes and jam, invite the Hobgoblin over for a party deep in the forest and get set to make new friends. After all, “people that eat pancakes with jam can’t be altogether dangerous...”


Shop Tatty Devine X Moomin online and in store now!

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