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Ten Years of Tatty Devine (and 10% off for you!)

August 13, 2018 - Charlotte Prichard
Ten Years of Tatty Devine (and 10% off for you!)



Happy Birthday to us! Tatty Devine is ten years old this year. Hurrah! As a totally independent British business, we really do appreciate all of our loyal customers and fans, and everyone who wears Tatty Devine. To celebrate our birthday and to say thank you, we're giving all of you lucky customers 10% off all jewellery until the end of 10/10/10 (that's 10th October 2010). This includes our Best Of Tatty Devine collection, and Name Necklaces! You can shop online, or whisper the magic words "Happy Birthday Tatty Devine" to the ladies in our Covent Garden and Brick Lane boutiques to get your discount. Meanwhile, here are some of our favourite photos from the past decade...


This is us outside the Vogue building, about to go in for a meeting to show them our first ever collection!

Tatty Devine's first ever visit to Vogue!

This was our very first photo shoot. We shot it on a Lomo camera.

Tatty Devine in an early photo shoot

Harriet wears one of the first ever Plectrum Triple Necklaces!

Harriet wears one of the first ever Plectrum Triple Necklaces

Jetsetting to New York for the first time - in our Plectrum Necklaces again!

Tatty Devine join the jetset

It's not all glamour. Trade shows can be hard work:

Tatty Devine on their way to an early trade show


Us? Middle of the road? Never! Tatty Devine: middle of the road designers!


Here's Rosie on her birthday, wearing one of the first ever Name Necklaces (and a matching bright orange Cat Bangle). We made this photo into a postcard to advertise our name necklaces:


Rosie in one of the first ever name necklaces


Another early shot, with the orange Name Necklace! This was taken at the private view for one of the first exhibitions in the Brick Lane shop:


Harriet and Rosie (in her original name necklace)


This was our first ever press shot. We made it in one of those funny little photo booths, call the Rembrandt Portrait Studio, at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival:


Tatty Devine early press shot


We love fancy dress. Here we are as Russian dolls:

Tatty Devine in fancy dress as Russian dolls


And here we are as clowns at an Oh My God, I Miss You! night. Very stylish clowns, who wear Eley Kishimoto cardigans...


Tatty Devine in clown fancy dress


And at a religion-themed party, as Vishnu and the Virgin Mary. This party and the one where we dressed as Russian dolls were both held by our friend Raae Jones, who now designs the most amazing shoes.


Tatty Devine in 'religion' fancy dress


Harriet as Andy Warhol, and Rosie as Judy Garland... This was a Halloween party with a Dead Famous People theme:


Tatty Devine as Andy Warhol and Judy Garland


Harriet made this "chips" outfit, including ketchup hat, for her birthday party!


Tatty Devine at Harriet's birthday party


This is us in an apartment we stayed in during Paris Fashion Week: Tatty Devine on holiday


Here we are posing in front of a Duke Spirit billboard. Pretending we're in the band. This was at a very cool Ray-Ban party, and Kate Moss was there, which is probably why we're pouting:


Tatty Devine in front of a Duke Spirit billboard


Here we are looking glamorous on New Year's Eve, 2007 at the Tapestry club night:


Tatty Devine celebrate New Year 2007


Here we are with our pop up shop (literally a wooden version of our Brick Lane shop!) at the Duke of Uke party at Bethnal Green Working Mens' Club:


Tatty Devine at the Duke of Uke night at Bethnal Green Working Mens' Club


This is our 2008 press shot, in 3-D Glasses Necklace and the paper 3-D glasses we had made, with the Tatty Devine logo on the sides: Tatty Devine in 3-D


This is us at our 3-D party in the Soho shop in 2008. We had a real 3-D photographer taking snaps of everybody:


Tatty Devine at their 3-D party


Looking our finest for the 2009 press shot... Tatty Devine's 2009 press shot


And here we are now, in 2010! Harriet's wearing the Aviator Goggles Headband, and Rosie's in the Wild Mustang Herd Necklace.


Harriet Vine 2010 in Aviator Goggles


Rosie Wolfenden 2010 in Wild Mustang Herd Necklace


Here's to the next ten years! Love from, Rosie and Harriet x