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May 15, 2018 - Amy Durrant

'Don't wear beige - it could kill you!' These are the wise words of Sue Kreitzman, one of our favourite artists and the leader of the anti-beige brigade. This London-based New Yorker creates amazing paintings and assemblages featuring bold colour and unwanted objects (our Junk Memory SS12 range was inspired by her work!). She is often seen sporting Tatty Devine - and even commissions neckpieces assembled from Tatty Devine jewellery from her friend, Amanda Caines, such as the giant eye necklace Sue wore to our studio this week.

Sounds familiar? You might have already seen Sue on Advanced Style. We love this blog, which profiles the most glam and stylin' older ladies around, and now there's a book to go with it. We got together with Sue to make a spectacular necklace that she could wear to the launch party. As she said:  'You've heard of being dressed up to the nines. For this party everyone's going to be dressed up to the fifteens!'.

Sue came to our Brick Lane studio to finish making her one-of-a-kind necklace. This is the original sketch from Harriet, outlining the idea for the piece.

Harriet and Sue hard at work assembling the necklace (check out Harriet in her Christopher Kane galaxy print top!)

This is an image of Sue's head being etched into leather in our laser cutter (that's also how we make our Frida Kahlo necklaces, another maverick female artist.) As her eyes were drawn by the machine, the light from the laser flashed, leading Sue to gleefully proclaim 'It's possessed!'. The finished piece features lightning bolt charms like glittering thought waves flashing from her head.

We also made Sue these matching lightning bolt earrings. The only request that we couldn't make happen was for the necklace to light up, although how amazing would that be? Watch this space for electrified Tatty Devine in 2032..

This is Sue in her studio, putting the finishing touches on her laser-cut double. Some silver paint for her hair, and the necklace is all done.

Wondering what she's holding up? It's a humble cocktail stick, which is her favourite tool for making art. It's also a star here at Tatty (as you'll know if you've read our 'How to Make Jewellery' book). We go through hundreds in our studios.

Sue's studio is a real wonderland. We're doing a photo shoot there later this month, but here's a sneak peek at one of the amazing objects scattered all around.

How amazing is this 1950s sequinned pin work? Harriet is a huge fan!

Sue looking glamorous, working the finished necklace at the big bash that night. Harriet and Rosie also went to the Advanced Style party and met Ari Seth Cohen, the author of the blog and book:

Amy Durrant
Amy Durrant