Amy Durrant, 15 July 2010

Oh Topman. How could you?

Our friend Philip sent us this photo from Topman Oxford Circus. He thought these necklaces looked suspiciously like our 3-D Glasses Necklace (which is one of our popular Best Of Tatty Devine collection, and was designed back in 2007)...

We went along to Topman ourselves to get proof. And yes, it's a bit smaller, and it doesn't say Tatty Devine on it, but otherwise this necklace is very, very, very similiar to our original design. Here's a pic of the two necklaces side by side:

This actually happens to us quite often. We've blogged before about how often our designs are copied. In February, the Guardian included us in their 'How to catch the copycat designers' piece. We don't like to moan every time we are copied (it would get very boring!), but a lot of work goes into our designs to keep them original, fresh and exciting. It's a real let-down to us and our loyal customers when our design work is treated as a resource by other companies.

Shame on you, Topman and Arcadia.

What do you think, readers?

P.S. Thanks to Philip Normal of the Happy Shack in Camden, which stocks genuine Tatty Devine, for alerting us to this.

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