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Women We Watch: Pip Jolley

May 12, 2021 - Alice Barnes
Women We Watch: Pip Jolley

It's World Cocktail Day and we're catching up with the hostess with the mostess… Pip Jolley! Join us below as we chat all things shaken, not stirred, with our favourite cocktail connoisseur. We get top tips on how to start our own at-home bar and the must-have finishes to give your cocktails the edge. We're looking forward to 17th May and inviting the gals over...

Pip Jolley

Hey Pip! If you were a cocktail, which one would you be?
Well it would have to be an orange one wouldn't it? so I’m going to say a tequila sunrise. Not only does it look cool but it’s super tasty as well.

What inspired you to start Bar-barella?

I was bored in the house, bored in the house bored during lockdown last year, and I needed something to do. I missed getting dressed up and going out and I think everyone did. I’m the hostess with the mostess and I used to work in a cocktail bar before moving onto hosting supper clubs in my flat. So, I thought it would be really fun to get dressed up every week and make cocktails. Bar-barbella the queen of the cocktails was born.

It seems you always have a well stocked bar at home, if someone wanted to start their own what would be in your “starter pack”?

A cocktail shaker is a must, along with a jigger (that’s what you measure your ingredients with), and a strainer. Make sure to get yourself a few ice cube moulds as well. Cocktails require lots of ice.
As for spirits and mixers it really depends on what you like. Get yourself a mix of spirits that you love. And then make sure you have sugar syrup, Angostura bitters, Cointreau and cocktail cherries.
My advice would be to learn a few cocktails and make sure you have the bits in for them. As you learn how to make more cocktails your stash of miscellaneous items will grow.

My top tip to jazz up any cocktails is edible flowers and cocktail umbrellas of course.

Cocktail Umbrella Barette

Which is your favourite cocktail to make? Would you share with us your special recipe?

I love making any cocktail really, and I love discovering new recipes. But my fave has to be the first cocktail I ever did on Bar-barbella.
It’s a basil, raspberry and lime extravaganza.

You need:
50ML basil gin ( just pop a few basil leaves in your gin overnight to infuse it)
25ML fresh lime juice
Handful of raspberries
Soda water

Muddle the raspberries in a cocktail shaker and add the basil gin and lime juice.

Shake it over ice and strain into chilled martini glass.

Garnish with an edible flower or two

Pip's Cocktails

Now we know you’re a cocktail connoisseur but here in Team Tatty we’re partial to a gin in a tin. Which is your favourite cocktail in a can?

I actually haven’t tried that many cocktails in a can but the Lucky Dip Pineapple Club does some amazing pre mixed cocktails that are absolutely delicious. I highly recommend the Chipotle Honey Margarita.

Who would be your dream cocktail party guests?

Right now I just can’t wait to have my girlfriends over for cocktails and a boogie. But I would love to have drinks with Elaine Walteroth, Kate Nash and Michelle Obama.

cocktail making with pip jolley

Sweet or Sour?
Sour always.

Favourite song to make a cocktail to?
Le Freak by Chic

One last question...Shaken or stirred?
It depends, but if we are talking martinis then it has to be stirred - the less dilution the better.

Thanks Pip, we're off the the offie to stock up the bar now!
Want to get Pip's cocktail umbrella look? Head on over to our Misshapes collection here to add them to your menu.
Alice Barnes