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Turn the page to Tatty Devine X Chawton House

April 22, 2022 - Alice Barnes
Turn the page to Tatty Devine X Chawton House

Dearest reader, we’re delighted to introduce our collaboration with Chawton House, the English Grade II* listed Elizabethan manor house and home to women’s early writing. Delve into the works of pioneering female writers and treasures from the rich literary world of Chawton House, referencing its trailblazing women and library of 10,000 books.

Janeites, look no further: discover odes to literary heroines including Jane Austen, a frequent visitor to Chawton House. The well-stocked Bookshelf Necklace, bearing Jane Austen novels from Emma to Northanger Abbey, is sure to set literary hearts alight.

Witty contemporary cameos will catch the eye of every young debutante, whilst the Pride and Prejudice Peacock Pendant's golden peacock feather motif winks to its namesake's tales of beauty, wealth, and courtship.

Budding author? Set your sights on the Chawton House Quill Necklace, complete with a glossy drop of ‘ink’. 

Suitors, take note of the Elizabeth Blackwell Peony Brooch. Bridgertons and Featheringtons can indulge in a blush-red bloom, illustrated by 18th-century botanist, Elizabeth Blackwell, from whom Chawton’s Herb Garden takes its name. 

Among the pages of Jane Austen's third published novel in 1814, a mystery silhouette appeared. We agree with her biographer's assertion that “who would insert, in a copy of Mansfield Park, a portrait of any other Jane than its author? Pin our Jane Austen Cameo Brooch to your best bodice and bag a historical hottie with very little persuasion!

Our Jane Austen Cameo Earrings and Necklace shot in Austen's favourite reading nook at Chawton House.

“Stepping into Chawton is like stepping into a Jane Austen novel, filled with romance, intrigue and history. The Library is a treasure trove of early feminist literature, a place of discovery and inspiration - we’re thrilled to celebrate this pivotal piece of women’s history.”

Co-Founder and Managing Director Rosie Wolfenden MBE.

From Pride and Prejudice to Emma, browse this playful array of ornate book covers, fall for everlasting florals, and even discover a glistening pearl of wisdom, online and in-store now. Have we bewitched you, body and soul? Plan your visit to Chawton House here
Alice Barnes